Vincent Serpoul, project manager, IT engineer

10 years work experience - MS/Ingenieur Grandes Ecoles

Vincent Serpoul

My name is Vincent Serpoul, a 37 years old French IT engineer. I am fond of science, new technologies, computer hardware and software.

Since 2002, I have been working as an engineer in various industries and companies, with a constant focus on improving efficiency through the use of technology. Whatever the field, company culture or company size, i have consistently displayed a great ability to adapt and deliver.

My career started as an intern in the highly technical field of networks. My key contributions to the re-engineering of RATP's (Paris Public Transport Authority) network infrastructure provided me with a solid experience in IT Hardware infrastructure.

As a consultant for Coraud, a telecommunication consulting company, I was able to develop my software engineering and team management skills by managing large projects (up to 600 man days), notably for UPS Noos Numericable.

I subsequently had the opportunity to become a technical project manager in a leading internet company : (partner of
Meetic needed QoS far beyond what the usual internet architecture can usually handle, which led me to to manage transversal projects involving cutting-edge technology. I successfully implemented development methodologies such as agile (scrum) as well as code reviews and unit testing, which resulted in significant efficiency gains for the various projects undertaken at Meetic.
My largest project at Meetic was the development and deployment of, a new, innovative dating website. Meetic CTO gave me two requirements, the deployment date and the budget. As the lead project manager, I was granted full responsibility and discretion for the selection of technologies, team members and project organization.

Entrepreneur-minded, I founded, as the CTO. was an e-commerce website involving fair trade, giving to local african artist the opportunity to sell their own creations to european customers. As a result of low demand in the first year of operation, my associates and I decided to discontinue this new venture. This exposure to entrepreneurship was however a very enriching experience.

Following my prior success as a project manager at, former colleagues of mine provided me with the opportunity to join their new venture in China ( in January 2010. As a project manager at, I was given the opportunity to improve my managerial and technical skills in a multicultural environment. I greatly improved my knowledge in the trendy ecommerce domain, notably by gaining key technical knowledge in ecommerce frameworks (magento), erp (openerp) and key functional knowledge in underlying business processes (supply chain, sales, marketing, finance...).

I worked for Paypal from May 2012 to january 2016, as team leader for development of a new magento multichannel experience.

I work now for Manulife as Lead Engineer and Innovation fellow

Throughout my 10 years of professional experience, beyond gaining a solid technical expertise, I have also developed key interpersonal and managerial strengths and skills :